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2019 Retail Personalization Index

2019 Retail Personalization Index

Sailthru’s third annual Retail Personalization Index is the retail industry’s most comprehensive, consumer-driven research into how well top retailers are personalizing the customer experience.

250 retail and ecommerce companies were evaluated. Only 100 made the cut. We surveyed 1,500 consumers and ranked retailers based on how they ranked in the wild.

Download the Third Annual Retail Personalization Index today to explore the top 100 brands leading in personalized customer experiences and discover:

  • Why Sephora took the #1 spot, three years running
  • How brands like Nordstrom, The Home Depot, Best Buy, Rent the Runway, Ulta, DSW, Adidas and others continue to improve
  • The mid-market companies raising the bar and beating out global enterprises like Amazon
  • Further background on the Index and profiles of the top 10 brands

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