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Beyond Advertising: How First Party Data is Fueling Modern Media Monetization

Beyond Advertising: How First Party Data is Fueling Modern Media Monetization

Beyond Advertising

How First-Party Data is Fueling Modern Media Monetization 

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, U.S. digital ad revenue totaled more than $100 billion last year. Facebook and Google together accounted for the vast majority of that growth. In response, publishers have layered more advertisements onto their pages, but the continued reliance on advertising only highlights their vulnerabilities.  

Publishers have had access to the solution to this problem for some time, but are only now learning to leverage it: first-party data. In this whitepaper, we’re giving you the tools to deepen your brand’s relationship with readers and lay out new monetization methods utilizing your first-party data. 

Download this whitepaper and discover insights that will help digital publishers: 

  • Develop owned channels and owned audiences by building a loyal readership
  • Develop new products that readers want and will pay for
  • Deliver a better, more targeted audience to advertisers 
  • Sustain relationships with readers by transitioning them to subscription models

Topics covered:

  • The importance of first-party data
  • User experience best practices 
  • Personalization for media enterprises
  • Converting readers to paid subscriptions
  • Growing and refining advertising revenues

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