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Decoding Personalization

Decoding Personalization

Personalization has emerged as a modern silver bullet for closing the gap between what organization’s need to achieve and how consumers want to engage. Companies doing it well are already seeing revenue grow two to three times faster than those lagging in adoption.

The challenge? The way personalization is defined, executed and measured varies greatly from person to person and company to company. The implications for these discrepancies are wide reaching for your revenues, engagement and customer experience.  

In this Sailthru study of 146 marketers in the publishing, retail, and commerce space, we analyzed how marketers define, measure and invest in personalization. 

Download this proprietary research and insights to:

  • Spark internal dialogue on how your org defines personalization
  • Build a RACI model for keeping cross-functional stakeholders informed
  • Develop a maturity curve and plan for execution
  • Define — or redefine — your plan for personalization measurement

Topics covered:

  • What is personalization?
  • Personalization vs. Segmentation
  • Measuring personalization
  • Cross-channel approaches to personalization

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