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2018 | Data Privacy Report

2018 | Data Privacy Report

What Brands Need to Know about Consumer Attitudes Post-Cambridge Analytica 

It seems like there’s always a new data breach circulating in the news. Data privacy has stepped forward in the spotlight more than ever this year for marketers and advertisers with the recently-implemented GDPR and Cambridge Analytica scandal. 

For all the industry conversations about how this will affect their brands, at Sailthru we wanted to understand, how do end consumers feel about data privacy now? Are sentiments shifting? Do consumers trust brands with their data? 

Sailthru surveyed 2,000 consumers across two cohorts (those who have downloaded their Facebook data following the Cambridge Analytica scandal and those who have not) to find out. One thing that stood out to us is that 60% of consumers feel uncomfortable with the thought of brands buying and selling their personal data…and just as many feel the U.S. government should regulate their ability to do so.

Download our 2018 Data Privacy Report to access proprietary results revealing: 

  • The ways in which consumers engage with brands may be changing  
  • How comfortable people are with brands buying and selling their personal information
  • Who consumers believe is responsible for data regulation
  • The awareness of consumers when it comes to data collection

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