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5 Welcome Series Email Strategies from the World’s Best Brands

5 Welcome Series Email Strategies from the World’s Best Brands

First impressions are important. Besides the potential to make or break your brand in a matter of seconds, people love to read welcome emails.

But one message simply isn’t enough. Today, more than two-thirds of retail’s top performers say hello to new subscribers through an onboarding series instead of a single email. So, how can you make the most of this warmer welcome too?

Download the guide to learn more about:

  • The value of first impressions and welcome emails
  • Early-stage customer engagement
  • Onboarding email best practices
  • How retailers are driving real-world welcome series results

Topics covered:

  • Adjusting for customer acquisition changes
  • Nurturing and growing customer relationships
  • Increasing new subscriber loyalty and engagement
  • Collecting and using first-party data
  • Cross-channel promotion and selling
  • Audience and subscriber segmentation
  • A/B testing

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