Personalized Email Marketing

Personalized Email Marketing Increases Engagement and Revenue

Effective email marketing that builds and sustains customer relationships requires a strategic vision for the user experience. Personalization based on rich customer data sets is key for exceeding your goals with email and creating customer-centric experiences that increase revenue. And when we say personalization, it goes far beyond saying “Dear (First Name)” in a subject line — your email content and design should be personalized to each customer’s wants and needs.

No personalization strategy is complete without data. Think of data as the foundation of which personalization is built. In order to execute on personalization that is catered to what customers truly want to receive, there are a number of data points required to personalize email content, such as:

  • Gender, birthday, anniversary, etc.
  • Customer cart history and previous purchase history.
  • Click-throughs to pages of interest.
  • Social media interactions (likes, tweets, comments, etc.).
  • Average order value, Customer lifetime value.
  • Propensity to buy.
  • Other personal interests like color, size, etc.

Once the data sets are built out for audiences on the individual level, personalization is deployed through complex automated solutions and algorithms. Marketers can create a single dynamic email template, which millions of variations can be sent to customers through algorithmic content population. This means less work for the marketer, and a top notch experience for the customer.

The effort of personalizing email delivers a substantial increase in open rates and clickthrough rates and conversion. There is also a decrease in opt-outs. Translation: Brands using personalized email see overall email revenue generated, customer lifetime value and average order value skyrocket.

Nothing beats the brand experience like personalized email marketing techniques. Find out more about how you can be personalizing your email on the Sailthru blog here.