Multichannel Marketing Platform

A Multichannel Marketing Platform Fosters Seamless Customer Experiences

Consumers today are way savvier than ever before – they live in a connected world and start their buying journey using one channel and finish on a completely different channel. The modern marketer needs to adapt their marketing by adopting a real-time approach to reaching consumers through an ever-growing variety of channels. A multichannel marketing approach provides clear insights into individual consumer behavior, creates a seamless flow of data for marketers, and fosters customer retention by connecting relevant channels of interests.

Choosing a multichannel marketing platform can be challenging. There are now thousands of technologies in the marketplace including large, enterprise marketing clouds that have been built through acquisition and individual point solutions for every channel and marketing need. When looking to evaluate the capabilities of a multichannel marketing platform, leading marketers are considering those that solve specific challenges.

Single Customer View

Building a Single Customer View is one of the highest priorities for the modern marketer. The most effective multichannel marketing platforms enable marketers to natively collect data from all digital channels and attribute offline data to individual customer profiles. This data must be long-term, real-time and flexible so that a marketer can understand how the individual customer has evolved, respond quickly with relevant messages and adapt to changes in an individual customer’s behaviors.

Cross-Channel Engagement

A multichannel marketing platform must do more than enable experiences on multiple channels; it must allow marketers to create a fully connected and contiguous customer experience across those channels. This is key to removing friction from the user experience and ensuring that every touch point is powered by data.

Commerce Platform Integrations

Integrating with ecommerce platforms – such as hybris, Demandware and Magento – is critical for success using a multichannel marketing platform. By incorporating transactional data into the single customer view, marketers can understand what experiences drive revenue, not just response and conversion.

Ease of Use

Multiple channels should not multiply a marketer’s workload. Modern platforms are designed to be easy for any marketer to use and incorporate automated personalization so that each marketing message feels unique to the individual consumer.

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