Automated Email Marketing Services

Automated Email Marketing Services Help Retain More Customers and Drive Higher Revenue

The phrase “automated email marketing” either brings delight to the overworked marketer, or brings a cold wave of fear for the marketer who believes “automation” sounds easy, but knows how challenging it can be to implement with legacy technologies. Despite the challenge in email marketing automation’s infancy, it has never been easier to make automation a core component of an email marketing strategy with new technology.

Automating email marketing is not the most significant barrier to success; rather it’s determining the scenarios where automated email marketing should be implemented and the challenges automation can most readily solve.

Here are four use cases where email marketing automation can truly deliver effective solutions that impact customer retention and increase revenue:

Increasing New Customer Engagement

For most brands, the first 30 days of a customer’s engagement are critical. This is when you have the highest likelihood of turning newly acquired consumers into converted buyers and retained, repeat purchasers. Through automated email marketing services, your brand can easily implement a welcome stream (not just a single email!) that drives further connection to your brand based on the patterns that your marketing automation platform demonstrates as being successful. For example, your data may indicate that consumers acquired via display and search advertising may have a higher likelihood of becoming long-term customers if they also connect to you via social media. By using your welcome stream to push users to connect you’re putting them on the path to success.

Maintaining Consistent Engagement

Automated email marketing services gives you the ability to stay consistently engaged with your users. Daily and weekly newsletters, flash sales and new product announcements can all be automated in order to retain customers and drive higher revenue. Modern automated email marketing tools give you the ability to easily test and analyze data from these newsletters so that you’re optimizing the experience for consumers and for your own benefit.

Responding to Cart Abandonment

Automated email marketing services are critical for responding to search, browse and cart abandonment and can drive tremendous ROI. Each form of abandonment demonstrates a unique form of purchase intent and by automating your response you’ll have the ability to recapture users and missed revenue opportunities. Alex and Ani, an Internet Retailer 500 company, increased email revenue by 36% by implementing automated email marketing.

Implementing Personalization

Personalization is key for managing today’s customer experience. Gartner research indicates that brands that fully implement personalization can outsell their competitors by 20%. Modern automated email marketing services give you the ability to personalize the send time of your automated email based on individual user behaviors, in addition to automated message, content, discounts/offers and calls-to-action. Automating personalization allows you to easily scale the approach and deliver a modern experience.

The first step in the process is to identify all touch-points for prospective customers and current customers. With this knowledge you can identify the key areas where automated email marketing can benefit your brand.

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