Realize the Long-Term Impact of Your Acquisition

Sailthru helps marketers optimize their email acquisition strategy with the tools they need to measure the downstream impact of their campaigns and leverage that data to increase customer lifetime value from the point of acquisition

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Increasing Revenue from Email:

The Definitive Strategy Guide for Fashion, Apparel and Specialty Retail Brands

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“Headlines are driven by acquisition but profitability is driven by retention, and I think the Holy Grail is 1:1 personalization. But there are challenges. We have access to so much information – how do you digest it in a way that is actionable Sailthru has been a great tool; one partner that can actually make this a lot more simple.”

Aaron Magness


Increasing email subscriber acquisition from your website


Easily serve up dynamic, personalized sign-up forms based on a consumer’s preferences, patterns, and interests and even control the optimal display location of your acquisition events to optimize every customer touchpoint in order to boost short-term conversion and long-term customer value.


Decreasing cost per acquisition in search and social


Powered by the Sailthru customer profile, easily leverage your unique customer data such as purchases, interests, and behaviors directly within Facebook Custom Audiences or Google Customer Match to provide more relevant and connected acquisition experiences for your customers.


Intelligently retargeting the right potential audiences


Move beyond traditional audience segmentation to acquire new customers using long-term predictive data. Leverage Prediction Manager to determine whether an individual customer is most likely to purchase in the next 30 days to inform and power intelligent customer acquisition strategies around a customer’s behavioral predictive data.


Measuring the long-term effectiveness of your email acquisition strategy


Sailthru makes quick work of analyzing the lifetime value of your customers. With access to advanced marketing analytics tools like Retention Analytics, marketers can effectively understand the engagement and revenue impact of every marketing decision across email, onsite, and mobile from all accessible data sources without having to rely on receiving metrics from their Business Intelligence teams.

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