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The Home Depot’s deep investment in omnichannel personalization paid off, with 2018 revenue growing to $108.2B compared to $100.9B in the previous year. You can begin shopping on The Home Depot’s website and find the same products waiting in your cart on the app, with relevant push notifications and in-app messaging about products you’ll like or items you might need for your purchase. The recommendations — a mix of behavior-, collaborative- and attribute-based — were some of the strongest and most comprehensive evaluated on this year’s Index. In addition, The Home Depot’s mobile app combines modern features like voice and image search with location-based services for convenient in-store navigating.

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Why we love The Home Depot

Thoughtful email recommendations

The Home Depot features product recommendations on highly-personalized emails, complete with ‘customers also bought’ product recommendations and unique subject lines. The home improvement emails even utilize attribute-based recommendations that bridge categories, ensuring your multi-faceted project (or your first project ever) includes essential must-haves and oft-forgotten additions.
Thoughtful email recommendations

Feature-heavy mobile app

The Home Depot continues to outfit its app with modern features like voice and image search, as well as location-based services for convenient in-store navigating — complete with store layout, aisle locator features, and products as GPS dots on the store map (x marks the flower pots). Customers can also snap a photo of an item they like and browse The Home Depot’s inventory for similar-looking items. Shoppers can browse upcoming in-store workshops from the app, as well.
Feature-heavy mobile app

Comprehensive online content

Instant feedback from product experts on The Home Depot’s app mixes with hundreds of videos and well-tuned content on the website that appeals to the first-time fixer-upper and expert contractor alike. The Home Depot offers a truly personalized blog with a ‘just for you’ filter that learns a shopper’s interests and then caters content to their taste. Risk-averse DIY-ers can filter projects by experience level, while thrill-seeking customers can take on ‘style challenges’ and filter for more advanced construction projects. Whether you’re styling a patio or finishing your basement, The Home Depot provides inspiration for every room — with the option to shop the look, of course.
Comprehensive online content

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