ShoeDazzle, part of TechStyle Fashion Group’s family of fashion brands, leverages the same tech stack as its sister brand, JustFab, and onboards customers with a comprehensive style quiz to discover which shoe is most ‘you’. From there, customers enter a personalized sphere of recommendations that allow the retailer to promote what a shopper is most likely to wear. ShoeDazzle’s digital boutique creates a ‘my showroom’ tab, based on a shopper’s answers to the onboarding quiz and their browsing history – creating a digital boutique that feels entirely curated for each customer, complete with a personalized welcome message.

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2018: #10 , 2017: #54
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2019 score: 58


Why we love ShoeDazzle

Best in breed personalization

ShoeDazzle outperforms most other brands with its personalized experience and messaging where tailored subject lines and personalized send times are based on historic engagement and shopper-level interests. On the site, a shopper’s style preferences, interests, purchase behavior, and more fuel the spot-on recommendations.
Best in breed personalization

Content + commerce

The Platform, ShoeDazzle’s blog, offers the perfect mix of content and commerce, featuring inspiring material for shoe lovers, like its tailored messaging with a seasonal touch. For even more style authority, consumers can check out the ‘Editor Picks’ and make sure they have the coolest, curated styles for the season.
Content + commerce

Top triggered messages

ShoeDazzle’s product recommendations are personalized down to shoe type and style with on-brand voice throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle. From the welcome series for new customers through win-back messaging for lapsed ones, ShoeDazzle has mastered the behavior-based triggered messages.
Top triggered messages

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