Dominant ecommerce player Amazon is famously customer-obsessed, which has paid off with more than $135 billion in revenue last year and 25% year-over-year sales growth in the second quarter of 2017. The company was among the first to use both attribute-based and collaboratively filtered product recommendations to connect person and product – to the point that phrases like “products like…”, “people who bought…” and “people like you…” are deeply associated with the retailer.

Similarly, Amazon pioneered the effective use of wish lists and shopping lists to track customer interest – as well as relentless retargeting for items customers are interested in. Today, Amazon is investing heavily in the Alexa service, Echo, and Dash family of devices to make online shopping even more personalized and seamless. Interestingly, Amazon collects little in the way of explicit profile information, though the tech giant has a robust preferences manager for opt-in notifications and a “Your Account” section that directs customers to Amazon’s very wide range of physical and digital retail categories.

Overall Score: 55


Performance vs. Sailthru 100 Category Average

  • Website 8.5
  • Mobile 6.3
  • Other 3.9

What Works:

  • Pioneering, highly effective product recommendations
  • Investments in personalized voice shopping and product-specific Dash Buttons
  • Helpful “Improve Your Recommendations” functionality to improve recommendations on a 1:1 basis

What We’d Like to See:

  • More personalized email offers beyond “Deal of the Day”
  • Further personalization of the experience based on individual profile and product type
  • Email reminders for abandoned carts
  • Cross-channel consistency of product recommendations