Revolve rose to fandom with its aspirational #RevolveAroundTheWorld campaigns – sending influencers to beautiful countries around the globe to be photographed in its 500+ high fashion brand offerings. Celebs like Kendall Jenner (and an estimated 3,500+ more), styled by Revolve, shot its social following to 3.3 million on Instagram. The brand, which is expected to garner over $600 million in sales this year, excels at collaborative-based recommendations with specially curated styles and ‘shops’ on the app. An easy-to-scroll ‘recently viewed’ dashboard allows shoppers to pick up where they left off on mobile or web making for a simple-to-use.

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Why we love Revolve

Rich mobile app features

Revolve’s mobile app boasts a 4.9-rating and its incredible UX makes shopping as easy as pie. Online shopping carts are integrated and there are also well-timed push notifications triggered by a shopper’s behavior and based on the brands he or she disclosed preferring during onboarding. Shoppers can spend hours scrolling through through the app with inspiration at every swipe. For a highly-curated feed, shoppers can navigate to Revolve’s ‘Hot List’ for the ‘most coveted essentials. Curated by us, inspired by you’.
Rich mobile app features

‘Curated Shops’ Recommendations

Revolve makes sure customers don’t miss a beat whenever a new arrival matches a chosen preference, sending shoppers the perfect item straight to their ‘curated shops’ without the hassle of browsing; collaborative-based recommendations also send great styles straight to shoppers with ‘complete the look,’ ‘similar items,’ and ‘recommended for you suggestions’. Customers can also browse by brand, category, trend and check out their click history on Revolve’s ‘recently viewed’ dashboard.
‘Curated Shops’ Recommendations

High fashion editorial

Revolve’s inspirational content strikes the right balance of content and commerce with a curated feed from its social channels, as well as products and editorial catalogued items to shop with ‘complete the look’ recommendations. Specially curated shops, beautiful editorial features and more, nothing beats what this app has to offer.
High fashion editorial

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