Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway made headlines earlier this year when the high-end rental service was inducted into the exclusive “unicorn club” for startups with billion-dollar valuations. With membership plans as diverse as its closet — and now furniture, thanks to a partnership with West Elm — offerings Rent the Runway members can choose from one-time rentals or RTR Update or Unlimited memberships for more flexible swapping at a monthly cost. Whichever they choose, they can bank on an ultra relevant experience on any channel, fueled by comprehensive member profiles and detailed reviews that include customers’ sizes and measurements for context. “Any channel” increasingly includes offline; in May, Rent the Runway opened its fifth (and largest) brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco. Physical locations leverage the brand’s cutting-edge app to offer customers QR code-based shopping. Consumers pick their products, scan, and they’re on their way to the next occasion — rent-to-wear ready.

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Why we love Rent the Runway

Personalized user-generated reviews

Highly-personalized product recommendations are built in when you’re renting a dress from a woman with your size, and this feature puts RTR lightyears ahead of its traditional (and even digitally-advanced) retail peers. Reviews feature dynamic user-generated images and content so shoppers can be sure it’ll look fab for their big night out.
Personalized user-generated reviews

Hyper-relevant recommendations

Rent the Runway offers one of the most intelligent preference centers on the Index — it collects a shopper’s size, height, weight, bust, torso and rib measurements (along with a backup dress size for good measure). This results in incredible product recommendations catered to a shopper’s event, occasion and body type.
Hyper-relevant recommendations

Rich mobile messaging

Rent the Runway is a master of mobile messaging, which the brand deploys in a similar manner to lifecycle-centric triggered emails. Based on membership profiles, Rent the Runway sends push notification recommendations to ensure that a customer has plenty of options after returning a rental.
Rich mobile messaging

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