Boxed is a technology-first company, valued at $600 million, that leverages the same smart IT stack for its personalization as it does behind the scenes. Cheez-It wielding robots, at its headquarters in New Jersey, make for a fully automated warehouse and inventorying process. Last year, Boxed launched ‘Boxed Pass,’ a new monthly shopping plan that allows shoppers to earn more savings when they plan ahead and bundle — choosing an amount to spend each month and a delivery every 30 days. Boxed received a near-perfect email score on this year’s Index thanks to its previously-browsed item emails and its re-engagement series to connect with customers who haven’t interacted with the brand in a while—offering a bulkload of on-brand voice and relevant products to bundle.

Previous Rank:
2018: #50 , 2017: n/a
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2019 score: 62


Why we love Boxed

Lifecycle-centric recommendations

Recommendations leverage the behaviors of other shoppers to recommend ‘popular categories,’ and the site’s ‘top picks for you’ based on each customer’s engagement with the brand — personalized for unique buyer personas with time-based lifecycle discounts to drive urgency on the app. All tactics work in tandem so Boxed can narrow down the items that a customer will like in its endless inventory.
Lifecycle-centric recommendations

Community and referral driven mobile app

The mobile app keeps the communal aspect of grocery shopping alive in a digital world (without the hassle or workout involved), allowing members to invite family members and friends to shop together, name personalized shopping lists and keep track of who wants what. This feature is the most creative, and communal, use of ‘refer-a-friend’ that we’ve seen on the Index.
Community and referral driven mobile app

Top-notch email personalization

Boxed’s email program featured one of the most robust content personalization evaluated on the 2019 Index. Boxed members receive email with personalized subject lines, send times, products based on interest, historical behaviors, product categories, and much more — the e-grocer articulates its understanding of each shopper with spot-on personalized email copy that’s full of on-brand voice.
Top-notch email personalization

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