Spooky Season & Supply Chain Challenges: 5 Retailers Experiencing Halloween Success Through More Creative Emails

By mloudenliveclicker-com | October 21, 2021

With serious supply chain challenges impacting retailers everywhere this Halloween season, consumers are more receptive than ever to direct outreach. And — while there’s a lot of buzz about exciting, inexpensive options like social media posts — the truth is most retail audiences aren’t interacting with these messages when they’re in buying mode.

Emails. however, can be an absolute difference maker when it comes to turning spooking supply chain issues into Halloween engagement success. Especially when combined with creative, customer-friendly content like the user-generated content mentioned above. They’re much more likely to be seen in a purchase-oriented setting — making your audience think twice before walking (or rather scrolling) away.

For retail brands like Michael’s, Torrid, World Market, Clinique, and Vineyard Vines, an abundance of internal first-party customer data is helping them create more interactive browsing and buying experiences — whether they happen in-store, online, or some unique combination of both. And here’s how these personalized email campaigns are already delivering better responses and conversion rates this Halloween.

Make Halloween a DIY Holiday Like Michael’s


As the go-to crafts supply store for millions of US shoppers, Michael’s knows that the best holiday experiences are the ones people build together. And this email’s unique content and messaging approach pushes that theme at every opportunity. From user-generated social media posts, live customer product reviews, and a variety of free, social distancing-friendly trick or treat projects for families to do together, this email experience gives Michael’s customers a one-stop shop to build a better Halloween holiday for everyone.

Deliver Treats, Not Tricks Like Torrid


Given all the recent news about supply chain delays and shortages, it will be harder than ever for online shoppers to guarantee they can celebrate Halloween — or any other holiday — on-time this year. Which is why short, sweet, and to-the-point email promotions like this one from Torrid are such a big deal for boosting engagement and sales. By giving email shoppers a deadline to make their online orders and standard shipping requests, this brand makes it easy to buy with confidence before October 31, delivering peace of mind with every costume and article of fall-themed clothing.

Make Hybrid Fulfillment Experiences Eerie-sistible Like World Market


Over the last 18+ months, new fulfillment options like curbside pickup and Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) have been a breath of fresh scare for online shoppers looking to safely return to their favorite store locations. And for retail brands like World Market, using exclusive Halloween deals like member-exclusive hybrid fulfillment discounts via coupon codes that follow members through multiple email interactions have boosted online revenue and engagement.

Add Scary Value to Your Emails Like Clinique


Spooky season-themed messages and imagery is great, but retail brands like Clinique know a little treat can go a long way toward increasing email engagement this time of year. After all, anyone can deliver a personalized email — so Clinique took its Halloween campaign to the next level by offering free consultations with beauty experts, free samples, and seasonal gifts in addition to its latest deals. By doing so, this brand ensures that every recipient finds something of value in each send.

Creep It Real Like Vineyard Vines


Halloween is a favorite holiday for many reasons. But beyond all of the fun, retail brands like Vineyard Vines are finding tremendous success by connecting their email experience with a good cause. By promoting limited-edition products and teaming up with Bright Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Vineyard Vines is empowering women, saving lives, and delivering the fall apparel its customers know and love in the same interaction. Considering over 60% of retail consumers like to shop with brands that share their personal values, emails like this one are sure to become a holiday trend across the industry this year.

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