5 Brands Breaking Tradition with Early Black Friday Experiences

By mloudenliveclicker-com | November 22, 2021
early Black Friday

Your calendar may not say it’s Black Friday yet, but for retailers worried about unprecedented supply chain issues and inventory challenges these sales have already started. In some cases, brands have been pushing Black Friday specials since October.

With more and more news stories pointing to delays and delivery headaches worse than any holiday season ever, it’s a smart move to ensure consumer savings and capture revenue by sending your holiday sales promotions now.

After all, brands like Levi’s, Banana Republic, Kiehl’s, Chico’s, and Gilt are already experiencing tremendous success and engagement growth by delivering early Black Friday experiences. So, take advantage of a few of these tactics to make your own messages stand out — in Q4 and beyond!

Start your sales early like Levi’s

The biggest Black Friday draw for most shoppers is the year’s best deals. But with more uncertainty than ever in regards to on-time holiday deliveries, early Black Friday sales delivered via email experiences let you capitalize on this event’s excitement while giving every customer peace of mind that their presents will be under the tree in time for festivities.

early Black Friday

With early Black Friday gift-giving emails like this one, Levi’s is making the most of its seamless online shopping experience to help prepared buyers eliminate stress weeks before holiday shopping hassles start. And by including a variety of personalized holiday gift guides, these messages give engaged email recipients even more ideas than discounts if they’re not ready to make a purchase yet!

Preview your hottest holiday products like Banana Republic

During the holiday season, you’re going to see more new shoppers than any other time. In fact, after surveying Sailthru and Liveclicker’s retail customers, you can expect roughly one-third of your holiday sales to come from first-time buyers. Chances are, they’re coming to you because they’ve seen and heard good things about your hottest sellers — so show them off in your emails to connect with every shopper and give them exactly what they want.

early Black Friday

Instead of overwhelming online shoppers with thousands of products and a variety of exclusive offers and discounts, Banana Republic uses personalization to curate hand-picked hot sellers that pique individual purchaser interests. And it’s proven to be a much more meaningful, relevant, and — ultimately — revenue-friendly approach than most early Black Friday promotions the brand’s competitors are sending.

Give free gifts in early Black Friday emails like Kiehl’s

Everyone loves a good surprise. Especially during the holidays, where a free gift can go a long way toward inspiring long-term customer loyalty. After all, your customers likely have more people on their online shopping list than ever this year. So why not reward them for all that hard work searching for your hottest sellers?

early Black Friday

By giving its big early Black Friday spenders a free three-piece gift bag, Kiehl’s has seen holiday email sales and engagement rates skyrocket. Not to mention give the brand a savvy way to test the popularity of new products and gather feedback from its most loyal customers.

Inspire customer love and loyalty like Gilt

Your best customers are always your most loyal ones — and that goes double during the holiday season. And while early Black Friday promotions definitely help you drive new holiday sales, subscriptions, and website traffic, tapping into your true business potential via email means doing everything you can to keep long-term customers from feeling left out in the cold by making them feel like VIPs.

After all, you already know the best way reach them and motivate them to buy. So what better way is there to build brand loyalty and affinity before Black Friday than by focusing your efforts on your best buyers?

early Black Friday

This year, Gilt’s early Black Friday emails featured something extra special for the brand’s top customers: a 20% off discount on their purchase. And while this seems like a simple marketing tactic, Gilt executed this offer with a sophisticated approach that makes every early Black Friday top buyer feel appreciated.

Make every day an early Black Friday experience like Chico’s

We’re entering the year’s most festive season. So, incorporate this celebratory mood into your early Black Friday experiences by making every day of the holiday shopping season a promotion-worthy event! Considering millions of your customers are still stuck at home for the holidays, giving them a virtual event, discount, or exclusive offer to engage with can do your brand wonders in terms of clicks, conversions, and revenue generated in November.

early Black Friday

With hundreds of deals and even more products to provide to its shoppers this year, Chico’s decided not to limit its Black Friday discounts to one-day-only offers. And by turning these early Black Friday experiences into daily mystery discounts, it creates an interaction that customers can’t wait to open their inboxes for every day.

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