While viral marketing isn’t the end all solution to marketing success, it is a great way to expose your brand to hordes of potential new, loyal customers. But, without a retention-focused mindset in place, you run the risk of losing out on customers who could become your most profitable. So while you plan for brand-building viral campaigns, also make sure you’re capitalizing on your biggest revenue weapon: customer retention. To help get you started, download The Future of the Retention Marketing Tech Stack for insights and trends that will help you build a tech stack that supercharges customer retention.

As an ecommerce retailer, you know your online marketing campaign performance has a direct effect on your bottom line. If you lack social engagement, you’ll miss out on a lot of potential sales, or leads at the very least. So how do you fix this? Focus on enhancing your brand image. Let potential buyers know you exist. This all sounds good in theory, but where do you start? Simple – develop a content marketing plan that encourages viral sharing.

Viral marketing has one clear purpose, above all else – put your brand on the map. If done correctly, brand awareness will reach an all time high with every unique campaign. Here’s the top ten viral campaign ideas for ecommerce retailers. As a general rule, viral campaigns should invite, encourage and reward customers for engaging. Think outside the box, and your efforts will always be rewarded.

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