Retail Customer Journeys Have Absolutely Changed

At Sailthru, we agree that every customer journey is unique. While retail purchasing pathways, like the one illustrated below, are a helpful benchmark for retail brands to consider, in order to truly serve your customers with relevant communications at every turn, an individualized approach to lifecycle messaging is needed. Sailthru’s Lifecycle Optimizer is on the cutting edge of lifecycle campaign design and management and can serve your customers on a 1:1 basis. To learn more about how we can help transform your customer journeys, contact us here

I wonder: If I wrote a hundred more posts about changing buying behavior, with hundreds of additional data sources, would prospects begin listening? They just don’t seem to be listening. When we hear “We’re different” and then do some research we always find the same thing. Consumer buying behavior is changing.

The change was slow at first, but now it’s accelerating. Fifteen years ago, out of 10 visitors—one or two of your prospects made a purchase the first time they heard about your brand. Now it’s only one or two out of 100. Fifteen years ago, almost over eight out of 10 prospects prchased within two visits. Now it’s less than a third who have visited three times. Today, consumers use an average of almost five touch-points before they purchase.

“Every customer journey is unique in today’s digital business economy. The rise of online and mobile commerce has fundamentally changed the way we shop, but it’s not as clear-cut for retailers as just identifying whether their customers shop online or in-store.” — Michael Allen, Vice President of Solutions Dynatrace

This infographic from Raconteur plots the new retail purchasing pathway, taking the prospect from discovery to evaluation and on through the purchase. Within those stages, consumers are bouncing between online and offline channels to research and price their purchases. The customer journey doesn’t end there, though — it continues with experience and loyalty.


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