Customer Acquisition Vs. Retention [Infographic]

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This infographic hones in on customer acquisition vs. retention, courtesy of Invesp Consulting.



  • 44% of companies have a greater focus on customer acquisition vs 18% that focus on retention
  • Only 40% of companies and 30% of agencies have an equal focus on acquisition and retention
  • 89% of companies see customer experience as a key factor in driving customer loyalty and retention
  • 76% of companies see CLV as an important concept for their organization
  • Only 42% of companies are able to measure CLV accurately
  • Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products, and spend 31% more than new customers
  • Email marketing is reported to be the most effective marketing tactic for customer retention
  • Increasing customer retention by 5% increases profits 25-95%


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