How can an app show that you care about your customers?

This may sound like a tough question. But for Air New Zealand and its customers, it’s easy to answer.

Airlines, like other travel companies, aren’t just moving people from place to place. They’ve actually got their customers’ lives in their hand. Their customers need information about things such as flight delays and seat availability. But customers also need to know that airlines and travel companies think about them as more than credit cards on two legs. We want airlines to care—and to show that they care.

Air New Zealand uses mobile apps to customize, personalize, and enhance the customer journey from the moment a customer starts browsing flights. Combined, these apps provide more than raw information. They provide comfort and peace of mind. They shepherd a high-touch customer experience that builds loyalty and long-term value.

Air New Zealand relies on two apps: Grabaseat, for the absolute lowest-priced tickets, and its flagship Air New Zealand app. Here’s how the airline combines them to dramatically improve the customer experience.