You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

So why send a poorly formatted welcome email. If you don’t engage the user now at this touchpoint where they are expecting your email, how do you expect to engage them when you send your marketing message.

The two biggest problems with welcome emails:

  1. Not engaging
  2. Doesn’t make it to the inbox

Both result with your new signup not coming back!

Imagine the following scenario, Joe Bloggs signs up at your website, he lands on the page after sign up and gets a call from his boss, he picks up the phone and starts talking, after he’s done he goes back to the site and realizes he has no time to look at it but takes another peek. Fast forward 4 hours to the end of the day…

Joe Bloggs looks at his email and he sees the welcome email from, he opens it and it’s a simple blah blah non branded email – he deletes it and goes home. If we take this further, next week he gets a marketing message from you that is all nice and pretty, but he’s already thinking not sure why I bothered so ignores it.

What if the welcome email had grabbed his attention again, got him back to the site at the end of the day? Or just given him some branding so that when he next got a marketing email he’d recognize your brand and actually give it a read?

Finally, consider ecommerce, your welcome to checkout conversion rate can be increased dramatically with great welcome emails. If you are still reading this – STOP – and go edit your welcome emails!