Share With Your Network (SWYN) is a great idea for email marketing and it’s not hard to implement — it really should be a no-brainer for email marketers. Even so, statistics indicate that SWYN is still not widely adopted and that’s puzzling.

Here are three very simple tips to help you leverage SWYN:

  1. Place the links wherever you have content which is worth sharing (and that should be pretty much everything)
  2. Have your sharing links above and below each piece of content (put your social follow links right at the top and in the footer of your emails)
  3. To avoid confusion between your social follow icons and your SWYN icons, include text with a strong CTA asking your subscribers to share your content with their social networks

SWYN is so easy to implement and can be a great way to get your content distributed to more potential subscribers. Don’t just go with the basic three networks either! Consider including such sharing sites as StumbleUpon and Reddit and any others you think your audience may be using.