It’s been an exciting week for us at Sailthru with the announcement Smart Data and our next round of funding, it’s great to see our investors get excited as well! Check out an excerpt from Thatcher Bell’s blog that beautifully describes Sailthru and Smart Data:

“So, what is Smart Data?  For starters, checkout Sailthru’s page on the topic here.  The bottom line is that Smart Data turns Big Data into action.  I believe this step – automating action based on Big Data – is an important and inevitable development.  For many of the same reasons that people are not great at interpreting large data sets – volume, velocity, complexity – people are also often not the best decision-makers when it comes to applying the insights from Big Data.  Sailthru’s technology personalizes each communication (e-mail, web page, message) to each individual consumer that touches a Sailthru customer (like Fab, Business Insider, and AOL). The content, timing, and arrangement of each communication is personalized in real-time – as it reaches the user.  In 2012, the e-mail channel alone comprised more than 31 million individually customized messages from Sailthru.  Obviously, no army of humans could possibly, cost-effectively, undertake such a personalized marketing effort.”

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