If the last email you sent to your customers had their first name merged somewhere in the copy and you felt it was personalized…it IS a step in the right direction, but there are much more impactful tactics you can employ to increase conversions.

Once you understand what true personalization is and exactly how you can implement it, you can join the ranks of BustedTees, who saw a 34% increase in revenue after implementing their personalized email marketing strategy.

Here at Justuno, we live and breathe user experience and personalization, and the smart use of popups is a surefire way to further enhance UX, as well as boost acquisition, conversion, and more.

As a certified Sailthru partner, we’re helping Sailthru customers leverage the power of Justuno popups in email campaigns to take the experience to the next level. These strategies helped Rad Power Bikes increase daily email capture by 302% while increasing sales conversion by 32%!

Read on for our 3 steps to creating an email marketing campaign with Justuno + Sailthru that not only is personalized to your customers, but will help increase results.

Step 1: Learn how your customers behave on your site

In order to make something personal for a customer, you have to know a little bit of information about how they’re interacting with your ecommerce website.

  • Where did they come from? (I.e. What’s their traffic source?)
  • What items is this customer clicking on?
  • Did this customer abandon their cart?
  • What product categories are they most interested in?

Having a well-rounded profile on your customers will help you serve the most relevant offers to your visitors. We’ve recently partnered with and built an integration for Sailthru. Marigold Engage by Sailthru can help gather behavioral and interest data about your customers to help you in implementing a more personalized experience.

But, if you aren’t quite ready to commit to a personalization software, Justuno can help gather some behavioral data and use that data to present personalized offers and messaging throughout the site.

For example, you can put a simple newsletter signup popup on a T-shirt category page. If a website visitor – let’s call him Bob – engages with that popup (submits their email address), then you can use that information in a future popup creation.

You can offer a special discount to Bob based on the knowledge that he previously engaged with the popup being shown on the T-shirt category page. When creating the popup, select the targeting rule you want to use.

In this example, we can use “Has ever engaged SPECIFIC popup” and you can select the foundational popup for this targeting rule:2Now, the next time Bob visits the T-shirt category page, he’ll see the offer:


Let’s take a look at some examples of leveraging your website visitor behavior to create a more targeted popup or offer:

Step 2: Use multiple fields forms to personalize & boost email marketing

One of our favorite ways to leverage popups is to gather an extra bit of information with multiple form fields.

Capturing one extra piece of information about your website visitor can greatly help your email marketing campaigns. Let’s look at an example from baby apparel brand Robeez:


First of all, this “New Visitor” popup is already a winner as it’s offering an incentive (10% discount).

But what makes it extremely powerful is the extra information gathered. When a website visitor gives the child’s birthday and gender, this allows you to send a special offer on the child’s birthday and even send them future personalized marketing messages like a simple “Happy Birthday” message.

It also allows you opportunities to market gender-specific products that are “New Releases” or “On Sale”.

Step 3: Nurture your converted customers to improve retention

After you’ve invested time and resources into learning about your customer, don’t drop the ball on nurturing them! Nurturing is where true revenue growth comes from.

One of the main things we preach here at Justuno is – in order to optimize your email marketing nurture campaigns – make sure your website messaging is mirroring those email messages.

For example, when one of your email goes out and a recipient clicks through, if they’re seeing a “New Visitor” popup you are wasting the perfect opportunity to be relevant and personal with your customer!

A cool Justuno feature we offer is using unobars to show customers a discount code they’ve unlocked by providing their email.

We make it easy, so all they have to do is copy/paste the code from the bar:



Then, if the customer does not purchase during that visit, you can build an email campaign around that behavior, sending them the discount code as a follow-up, nudging them to move closer to a purchase.

In general, it’s a best practice to sync-up your site messaging with your other marketing efforts. That means popups and unobars included!

Here’s a great example of Brooks running shoes uses an unobar to reflect their St. Patrick’s day messaging delivered via email:


How you can use Justuno with Marigold Engage by Sailthru

We’re excited to announce our new integration with Marigold Engage by Sailthru and have built the integration to make it easy for you to boost your email marketing campaigns with Justuno popups.

If you’re a current Sailthru customer, here’s a quick overview of how to build your first Justuno popup to integrate with one of your Marigold Engage by Sailthru lists — you can find the full tutorial here.

  • First, you’ll need to generate an API Key and Secret to use with Justuno. Log in to your Marigold Engage by Sailthru account and go to https://my.sailthru.com/settings/api_postbacks
  • Click the icon for “API Key and Secret”. Copy the information for later use:
    • A: Head to Justuno and within the design canvas find email form in the layers area. If you have an email field already located in the design canvas skip to step B
    • B: If you do have an email field already in the design canvas highlight the email field and then hit change formThis will bring up a modal with all advanced integrations, click Sailthru and enter in the API key and Secret that you copied.
  • Next, Select a list.
  • That’s it! You’ve officially created your first Sailthru-integrated popup!

Of course, you’ll want to get more granular with your popup fields to make your marketing more effective. Check out the full integration tutorial to learn how to add fields, and target your users more specifically.

Start supercharging your Marigold Engage by Sailthru campaigns today!

If you have more questions about how you can integrate Justuno with one of your Marigold Engage by Sailthru lists, please get in touch with your Customer Success representative, or click here to connect with a Justuno team member.