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Having a checkout page in todays’ business climate is essential for any online retailer, but it’s important to get it right and not every site manages to do so – which can end up losing many potential customers in the process.

The State of Abandoned Online Shopping Carts

According to research undertaken by the Baymard Institute, who specialise in e-commerce usability, 68.53% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Multiple reasons can be the cause of this, and that’s why VWO decided to looked at what some of the main culprits for abandoned carts might be and what can be done to fix the issue.

Reasons for an abandoned cart include:

  • the unexpected costs of shipping,
  • heaving to create a new user account before purchasing,
  • payment security concerns ,and
  • a poor user experience.

How To Create The Ultimate Online Shopping Experience

There are four main components to what makes for the ultimate experience: functionality, usability, security and a good design. Get all four on your site and you’ll be surely onto a winner.

Some easy fixes include:

  1. Offering your customers the opportunity to checkout as a guest — This will help accommodate those that want to bypass the user registration. If they have a good experience then it’s likely they will return and may even create an account in the future.
  2. High quality images of your products — 92.6% of the shoppers that were asked said that visuals were one of the top influencing factors that affect their buying decision so make sure you have clear and accurate shots of your products.
  3. Multiple shipping options — Respondents who said that shipping costs were enough to make them leave their cart could be swayed by multiple shipping options. Not every customer will need express delivery, so having an option for a cheaper option but with a longer wait time might be a more viable, tempting offer for those customers.

Every website is different, so what makes your checkout page the most effective may be completely different to what might help other sites so it’s worth continuously testing out new things. Trial and error is the key to figuring out just what needs to be fixed on your website. By having multiple versions of the website, it is easier to discover what needs tweaking and which version helps to increase sales.

So, what are the key elements to a successful checkout page? Have a look at for the infographic below to identify why your users might be logging out of your store, and more importantly, how you can get them back.

Anatomy of a checkout page (Infographic


This article was written by Danny Ashton from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.