IMG-0228The IRCE (International Retailer Conference and Exhibition) is a all-encompassing eCommerce and retail event. Retailers from all over the nation congregate in Chicago for three days of cutting edge commerce collaboration. Naturally, we at Sailthru couldn’t miss out on the chance to attend and share our passion for empowering brands to cultivate meaningful, lasting relationships with their customers.

IRCE draws everyone from those growing a brick & mortar business, to those building an eCommerce store from scratch. On the exhibition floor, retailers can engage with vendors specializing in logistics, digital marketing, design, and inventory management to showcase the goods any store needs to operate.

While a Winnebago booth and 25-foot tall shopping cart or the giant fish (take a look at J.T.’s picture with our new friends at Photoscramble) might be burned into our team’s memory, the real takeaway from IRCE is that all businesses must take a data-driven approach to automated messaging and personalization to remain competitive.

Data-backed marketing takes the guesswork out, allows a marketer to understand what your customer wants, and is paramount to creating customer lifetime value.

Thank you IRCE for having us, it was a blast!