Swish is a sports app that adapts to the individual user. It learns your specific tastes and provides personalized highlight reels, story-driven game recaps, and curated compilations featuring the latest and greatest plays from your favorite teams and players. In this spotlight, we will explore how Swish personalizes mobile messaging and in-app experiences through a mix of their engaging features, beautiful onboarding flow, and purposeful messaging.

“Stories” is one UX feature that caught my eye was. Much like Snapchat, this feature distributes the highlights most relevant to you. Some of my favorite features include Swish’s curated video highlights by athlete and “Top Plays for You,” which curates top plays for the week, day, and previous week.


Swish - Onboarding

Swish has a stellar onboarding experience. First, they explain the value of push through a push pre-prompter. Giving your user context on how push can actually enhance their experience and being fully transparent can help build trust between your app and your future user-base.

By deep linking to settings page, Swish enables users to choose how and what notifications they receive. We recommend deep linking directly from this page to OS settings, facilitating easy push opt-ins for users who weren’t ready from the start.

“And of course, Swish keeps it simple, without inundating the user with too much information.

Rich Notifications

Swish - Rich Notifications

We’ve been outspoken about the potential for rich messaging. Many sports apps — Bleacher Report, ESPN, Swish — are now following suit. The success has been incredible; users are 56% more likely to engage with apps using rich messaging. Through a mix of GIFs, images, and videos, Swish provides an incredible user experience with diverse, engaging content.

In-App Messaging

Swish - In-app messaging

Don’t assume all users inherently understand the major value points in your app. Point them in the right direction!

Swish understood this problem and made sure to drive their users to specific actions. These include curated lists of top plays, daily highlights of favorite players, and cool dunks they think you might like.