At our recent digital insights summit, Lift 2015, 200 leading ecommerce and publishing brands came together to discuss marketing trends and topics, like how to increase revenue and customer retention. A client example we kept going back to as a business who has done this exceptionally well is IR 500 company, The Clymb.

Before partnering with Marigold Engage by Sailthru, The Clymb relied primarily on demographic data to fuel their email marketing program. Their strategy was based on broad segmentation of demographics, and knew they wanted to advance their sophistication from segmentation to personalization. When they selected Sailthru as their technology provider for email marketing, data and analytics, and cross-channel personalization, The Clymb was able to easily evolve the customer experience via personalized email and onsite interactions based on rich data for each customer. Soon after introducing personalization, The Clymb achieved:

• 71% increase in total email revenue

• 72% decrease in customer churn

• 175% increase in revenue per send

While these results speak for themselves, we’re thrilled and honored to be announcing that we’ve received the ‘Data Partnership of the Year’ award in conjunction with The Clymb at the 2015 Direct Commerce Supplier of the Year Awards based on the work that we’ve carried out as partners.

On the partnership, Craig Schinn, former Senior Director of Ecommerce at the The Clymb, commented, “While the larger marketing clouds move quickly, we needed to move faster. Marigold Engage by Sailthru allowed us to level jump to where we needed to be, and what they have coming to market will allow us to once again make another jump. Not only are they ahead, with the products being fully integrated – legacy vendors just can’t compete.”

To find out more on how the Sailthru team works with The Clymb, download the full case study.