Our new integration with Zephr enables you to build responsive customer journeys, better subscriber relationships, and more impactful marketing strategies with ease.

Combined with Zephr’s dynamic paywall and identity management solutions, our data-driven platform capabilities make it possible for any media brand or publisher to create seamless subscription paths through both online and off-site experiences. Which ultimately means longer, more meaningful audience relationships and greater revenue growth.

And — because data walls in Zephr are synced to your Marigold Engage by Sailthru account — the benefits don’t stop there. This integration ensures that any first-party data insight collected across your subscriber engagements enriches their existing customer profile, maximizing the personalization potential of your brand moving forward.

With the support of this new partnership, you and your team can create specific subscription offers for given cohorts of digital readers on Zephr that, depending on the individual’s on-site behavior, trigger different automated emails within Marigold Engage by Sailthru. The recipient’s response to the email is then communicated back to the Zephr platform, altering the next on-site interaction.

To learn more about Sailthru’s latest integration, view the official announcement on Zephr’s website.