Today, Sailthru and Gigya announced a partnership that will provide an easy solution for joint clients to leverage and integrate social data into their marketing efforts. With access to Gigya’s social tools likeUser Management 360, Social Plugins and Gamification, Marigold Engage by Sailthru clients will be able to add social data to user profiles from sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and other identity providers.

Michael Hershfield VP of Business Development at Marigold Engage by Sailthru, says:

The social data that Gigya captures is invaluable for marketers that want to personalize their customer interactions. Our partnership will enable Sailthru and Gigya clients to connect with their customers on an even deeper level as well as increase the success of their marketing campaigns.

What does this mean for clients?

1) Social data integration: Sailthru clients will now be able to store social data directly into the user profile allowing for another level of personalization.

2) Social login: Easy integration of Gigya’s single sign-on tool through the Sailthru system.

3) Account training and support: Any Sailthru client wishing to integrate Gigya’s social tools, can do so with support from joint Sailthru and Gigya teams allowing each client to get the most out of social data.

How does it work?

The integration is simple and seamless, requiring only that you add one line of Javascript and a callback script to your website to collect the profile information. Let’s give you an example.

Want to target users that “like” your brand on Facebook to send them a special offers? Now you’ll be able to use smart lists to segment on social data. With this information now stored in the user profiles you’ll even be able to use our Zephyr scripting in an email to further refine your personalization by including data points from social networks.


We’re thrilled to announce this new partnership and to expand our social offering. We look forward to providing another level of access to data points that further personalize brand experiences for our clients allowing them to build and improve relationships with their customers.

For the full Gigya release, please click here.