When it comes to mobile, there are a few key features that can set a brand’s experience apart from the rest. Push notifications, in-app messaging, and rich message centers are table stakes. Today, brands must think of mobile as the great connecter between their digital channels — we all check email, browse web, and use apps from our phones — as well as the means for connecting digital and offline experiences.

Mobile messaging personalization and mobile app content personalization are the must-haves for a fully connected, seamless experience. That’s why Marigold Engage by Sailthru won the MarTech Breakthrough award for best mobile messaging marketing solution.

Sailthru’s consumer profiles enable mobile messaging that is triggered and personalized for clients like Rent the Runway, Zola and Thrive Market.

What Sets Sailthru Apart?

Four words: dynamic personalization at scale. “Mobile marketing is one of the most exciting categories of MarTech and it is certainly one of the most dynamic as well,” said James Johnson, Managing Director at MarTech Breakthrough. “The ability for mobile marketing programs to personalize, as well as drive customer loyalty, is nearly unmatched by other tactics, and Marigold Engage by Sailthru, a proven leader in the area of mobile marketing and messaging. Congratulations to the Sailthru team on their product innovation, helping brands better drive engagement.”

MarTech Breakthrough Awards- Mobile messaging

The innovation continues with new product enhancements monthly. As of a few months ago, we redefined mobile personalization. Our personalization platform allows us to dynamically customize content within an app in real-time with data from every channel informing every mobile engagement. We provide marketers, both retail and publishing, with the ability to personalize products and/or content at the category/section level and make recommendations that are unique for every individual so that your app truly becomes their app for engaging with your brand.

Another notable feature includes enhanced mobile A/B testing capabilities. Now you can optimize your push notifications and in-app messaging with up to five test variations and visualize message-level results comparison all from our intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Mobile A/B testing

But personalization isn’t the only thing that Sailthru does that connects the mobile experience to the broader customer experience. Our Lifecycle Optimizer gives marketers the ability to easily create multichannel customer journeys and automatically optimize channel selection so that messages are truly going to the right customer, on the right channel, at the right time.

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