We are so proud to formally announce our inaugural Sailthru customer conference, Sailthru Lift! Lift is founded on the idea that the more we share, the better we can serve our customers and their businesses, and the two-day conference hosted at NYC’s iconic Hudson Hotel will be a program focused on education, collaboration and thought leadership.

Our customers already know that we are personalization obsessed. And they are too! Lift will provide a premiere, unique, and totally personal (we can’t tell you how, yet, but it’s going to be amazing!) experience. Marigold Engage by Sailthru executives will deliver thought-leading marketing insights and engaging, interactive working sessions with leading, digital-first professionals.

Attendees will hear from leaders at Acumen Brands, Alex and Ani, Business Insider, Mashable and, of course, Marigold Engage by Sailthru executives including: CEO Neil Capel; EVP of Client Success Alex Hesterberg; VP of Product Stephen Dove; Chief Data Sciencist Jeremy Stanley; CTO Ian White; and VP of Analytics Cassie Lancellotti-Young.

We can’t wait for October to kick Lift off for an event to only get bigger and better every year. Stay tuned for more awesome coverage of Lift, and visit the website for more information.