As mobile device use continues to rise, marketers are struggling with managing customer acquisition and conversion programs. The need for creating a frictionless experience for consumers has never been more important; the data behind optimization never more supportive of modernization: 160% more consumers convert on sites optimized for mobile; average order value is 30% less for retailers who have yet to adopt mobile best practices.

When it comes to mobile, there is no acquisition and conversion partner more in tune with the needs of digital marketers than Facebook. The ability to quickly build Facebook Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences allows for a seamless use of customer retention data to optimize acquisition; and now with lead ads, Facebook is making it easier for people to connect with businesses they’re interested in through their mobile device.

Click Culture

Studies have shown that mobile form conversion is far lower than on desktop. Lead ads simplify the mobile signup process. When someone clicks on a lead ad, a form opens with the person’s contact information automatically populated, based on the information they share with Facebook, like their name and email address. Automatically populating the contact information that people share with Facebook makes filling in the form as fast as two taps: one click on the ad to open the form and another to submit the autofilled form. People can edit their contact information before submitting the form.

Real-Time Connectivity to Sailthru

Partnering with companies like Marigold Engage by Sailthru, the easiest and fastest way for brands to retrieve lead information. Our integration allows for a seamless flow of information so that Sailthru customers can ensure that people who sign up to engage with them can begin receiving communications such as email marketing newsletters.

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