Last week, a few members of the Sailthru team met up at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel – inviting local people from established companies, startups and the investment space – to personally introduce ourselves to the Canadian market and start some discussions on how we can help  some of the country’s leading commerce, publishing and subscription companies to make the online experience for their customers more relevant.

The historic Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada.

One of the biggest problems facing Canadian-centric companies is audience size. The audience sizes are much smaller in this respect than those companies that target US customers or global audiences. What does this mean? Well, for starters, the fully-loaded cost per email can be higher, and every communication and piece of brand content is at a greater need for engagement. Each campaign sent requires higher results in engagement and conversion to achieve maximum ROI.

Among a flourishing Toronto startup scene, many vibrant companies are establishing the city as a capital of innovation in the Canadian tech space. But at the current time, there isn’t a real revenue optimizing personalization solution like Sailthru available, making it more difficult for Canadian ventures to reach the engagement levels across the channels many of them need.

According to Stefan Eyram, a Toronto-based Sales Director at Marigold Engage by Sailthru, “To help Canadian marketers, relevance is key to engagement and engagement is key to conversion. Canadian companies likely need more relevance – or a faster move to a relevance model – than their US counterparts.”

Becoming the leading content personalization solution in Canada, and helping companies increase conversion and strategically manage their revenue through leveraging Smart Data is a goal Sailthru has already set in motion. This special evening in Toronto is just the beginning.