With Lifecycle Optimizer and Email Composer, Marigold Engage by Sailthru clients can tap into customer data to create automated, personalized messaging and seamlessly build their own emails. These tools are two of the stars of our product suite and we update them regularly.

In the past quarter alone, there have been so many updates that we felt they deserved a dedicated webinar. David Studinski, Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s Senior Director of Product Management, went over these enhancements and in case you missed it…

Updates to Lifecycle Optimizer

  • Push Notification Metrics. Mobile apps account for more than 90% of consumers’ smartphone usage, which makes a good mobile messaging strategy crucial. Now you can see how your messages perform in real time, comparing your delivered sends with opens (both direct and indirect) and subsequent revenue.
  • Webhooks. A type of API that delivers data between applications in real time, webhooks are key for activating new channels, such as web push or direct mail, and keeping CRM systems up to date. Already a decision engine for email and plus strategies, webhooks expand Lifecycle Optimizer’s existing capabilities as well. Now, any outside system can be notified and sprung into action as a result of a customer’s behavior.
  • Custom Field Change Entry. Personalized messaging flows are the centerpiece of Lifecycle Optimizer. Custom Field Change Entry enables users to create new ones specific to their brands. For example, did someone crosses into a new tier of your loyalty program? You can automatically start a triggered messaging flow, leveraging the flexibility and real-time capabilities of Sailthru’s User Profiles.
  • Mobile Events. Enhancing an existing functionality, we’ve given you the ability to trigger custom events from mobile, and not just onsite, behaviors. We already have recipes for the most common triggers, such as welcome and abandonment series. Now you can go deeper, automatically sending these messages to any mobile user who, say, leaves a product review or comments on an article.

Updated to Email Composer

  • Updated Settings. On the eve of Email Composer’s first birthday, we’ve rolled out new configuration capabilities to match the advanced functionality of our original template editor. In other words, the templates you create can now be tied to other features within the Sailthru platform. Link promotion code buckets to visual templates used in LO, or add custom logic to expertly sort and filter your data feeds.
  • Hide Desktop. Say you have a beautiful header that looks flawless on desktop… but misaligned and squished on a smaller smartphone screen. With this new feature, you can display or hide text, images or buttons, just to name a few, taking into consideration how different they may appear from one device to the next.
  • Template Refresh. If you tweak a templates you’ve built in Email Composer, fear not. Template Refresh demonstrates the ability to connect visual templates with our A/B testing functionality, making it easy to update campaigns as the templates change.
  • Custom Social Rows. We’ve made it easier to connect your email marketing with social media. Add small thumbnail images to prebuilt rows to facilitate easier social following and sharing. Our library includes icons for Instagram, Pinterest and Spotify, or even your own.

If you’re a Sailthru customer and want to learn more about any of these features, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If you haven’t worked with Marigold Engage by Sailthru before, click here for a demo.