“Data is transforming the world!”  Neil Capel (Sailthru) and Sam Yagan (OK Cupid) took the Business Insider IGNITION 2012 stage to discuss How Big Data will Reinvent your Business, moderated by Dan Frommer (ReadWrite).

Big Data alone won’t give your company a competitive edge, the differentiator is being able to act intelligently and quickly based off of that data. As Neil explained, “you’ve got to be compelling” and that means serving the consumer content that is tailored to them to create a personalized experience with your brand. This is how you build trusted and valuable relationships with your customers and/or readers. As Dan suggested, “it’s like [setting the stage] for the second date” or as Allison Tepley of Yext described:

So how can you use data to build better products and communications? 

1) Start collecting it!

2) Every experience needs to be personalized.

3) Make it actionable.

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