When you have a new subscriber or a first-time customer, email is the perfect way to turn your welcome mat into a red carpet. For RevZilla, that used to mean a generic three-part welcome series. The motorcycle retailer then moved customers to a batch-and-blast email list.

In fact, before last year, RevZilla’s email marketing was predominantly campaign sends. This, despite the fact that personalized triggered messages produced 84% more revenue per thousand emails sent (RPM) while only accounting for 20% of the brand’s email marketing volume. This disparity prompted the team to go beyond batch-and-blast and master triggered messaging.

Designed with fully integrated AI, Sailthru’s Lifecycle Optimizer automates individualized triggered messages. The Marigold Engage by Sailthru platform automatically creates data-rich user profiles. With Lifecycle Optimizer, customers can tap into those and send personalized triggered messaging based on both past and predicted future actions.

How RevZilla Rolls out the Red Carpet for New Riders

Now, the brand’s six-touch welcome series is far more personalized. It’s based on what customers do — not just on RevZilla.com, but on their bikes.

“We have deep category pages so if someone clicks on Harley-Davidson exhaust products, that tells us a ton about them,” says Andrew Lim, RevZilla’s Senior Manager of Email & Personalization. “Without filling out a profile, they told us they might own a Harley and they might be looking for parts. They’re also not allergic to a higher price point. We have enough ammo to create a Lifecycle Optimizer flow that tailors messaging to these people.”

There are different variations for track race, sport, cruiser or adventure riders. Templates are designed to appeal to each individual customer’s preference. At the same time, they provide people with the standard welcome experience, which introduces customers to RevZilla’s blog and loyalty program.

It’s particularly important for RevZilla to start off on the right foot. After running a lifetime value analysis, the team learned that new subscribers typically convert within the first 30 to 45 days. Since overhauling its welcome series, RevZilla has seen a 34% increase in site sessions from welcome emails. Revenue from the welcome series also increased by 39% year-over-year.

And it’s not just welcome series. Since shifting its focus to triggered messages, RevZilla’s RPM for triggered messages has grown seven times compared to campaigns. See how RevZilla’s triggered messaging mastery drove business value. And click here for a demo to learn more about how we can help you achieve similar results.