Personalization has been proven to deliver impressive results — upwards of 20% lift in customer lifetime value and meaningful increases in other long-term metrics. At Sailthru we know that while automation creates efficiency, there are times when control is necessary. They don’t want to leave everything to the algorithm – no matter how good it is – because sometimes, a marketer wants every person on their list to see a particular product or piece of content, no matter what.
  • A news publication may want to promote a breaking-news story in the top slot of its email.
  • A retailer may want give a unique product launch or sale the most dramatic placement possible.

To make this possible, Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s Recommendation Manager now includes pinning. Pinning allows marketers to designate positions in dynamically personalized templates that will feature hand-picked items seen by every email recipient.

Personalization + Control = Brilliant Marketing

By combining curation with personalization, pinning gives marketers the best of both worlds: The ability to use the automation and power of personalized emails to drive pageviews and revenue, while still preserving the discretion to advocate for the very best an organization has to offer.

“The pinning function in Recommendation Manager has allowed us to combine our editorial view with the power of Sailthru personalization. We no longer have to choose between personalized or curated content; we have the best of both worlds. It has also cut back on the amount of time our team spends crafting and curating newsletters, allowing us to focus on more impactful priorities like performance testing and product enhancements.”Janine Silva, Senior Manager of Newsletters at Investopedia

Pinning doesn’t require help from the development team; it doesn’t even involve fiddling with templates or delving into the content management system. Recommendation Manager makes pinning super-accessible to marketers.

Last Minute Edits Shouldn’t Mean Last Minute Headaches

There’s another aspect of control that most email marketers have yearned for at one time or another. Maybe the headline that looks awesome on the home page doesn’t break well in email, and the reader is going to be confused. Or that beautiful product shot is a vertical, and for the email campaign, you need a stunning horizontal.

The fix is not so great: Grab someone from the development or editorial team and ask them to make a change that you both regard as minor – but one that is essential to you.

More Functionality, Less Coding

Now, there’s a much easier way to make these types of changes. With Recommendation Manager, marketers can create their own edits within email templates without having to fuss with HTML, CSS, or any sort of coding at all.

By combining pinning with these on-the-fly edits, Recommendation Manager gives marketers full control over the stories, products, and content they feature in their email campaigns, without requiring marketers to touch any code or muck with templates. Marketers can lock down their content, jump directly into a data feed, and get visual confirmation of their changes as they go.

With real-time template preview, marketers can see exactly what their email campaign will look like before hitting send. And with Recommendation Manager, their emails look exactly as they envisioned.

Want to learn more about Recommendation Manager? If you’re a Sailthru customer, get in touch with your Customer Success representative. If you’re new to Marigold Engage by Sailthru, contact us for a demo and free personalization consultation.

–David Studinski, Director of Product Management