This week our Chief Data Scientist & EVP of Engineering, Jeremy Stanley, joined our SVP of Product, Stephen Dove, to break down how Sightlines–our new predictive intelligence tool–is revolutionizing marketing.

If you missed the webinar on 3/11, check out these key takeaways from the presentation.

1. Sightlines is the first (and only) predictive technology to be built directly into a marketing automation and personalization platform.

Sightlines lives natively within the core Sailthru platform, enabling Sailthru to provide predictions at the individual-level that are immediately and automatically actionable for marketers. As a company, our core value proposition is that we make it easy for marketers to solve their greatest challenges around data collection and user engagement and Sightlines represents the next generation of our single-platform solution. Because omnichannel customer data already lives within the platform, predictions can be made on a daily basis and then automatically incorporated into messaging and customer experiences so that customers fulfill their predicted behaviors. There are no add-ons, integrations or data flows needed to access the power of these predictions.

This is not possible with any other predictive analytics, intelligence or marketing solution. The graphic below details the data flows necessary for predictions to be made in a point-solution based tech stack. What you see in this representation is 8 data flows, which create a high cost in time, accuracy and efficiency. The resulting predictions from any solution that is not natively built are delivered at the segment level, rather than the individual level.

2. Sightlines makes predictions seamless to generate and easy to execute.

The beauty of having your predictive technology directly connected to your customer data and marketing operations is that it all works together seamlessly. Data flows freely. Predictions are immediately actionable within the platform. You can effectively observe, communicate AND engage under one roof. And the data available to fuel predictions is well-rounded — natively captured from all channels for all users. Sightlines is taking into account browsing history, purchase history, interests over time and more across all channels without any legwork. The graphic below is how Sailthru and Sightlines operates, in direct contrast to what you see above.

3. Sightlines predictions are ACCURATE.

The accuracy of predictive algorithms have recently come under scrutiny. But the fact is, algorithms are far more accurate than a human ever could be. Sightlines was built by leading data scientists for today’s modern marketer in media/publishing and ecommerce.  It’s factoring in a staggering volume and variety of data and builds and pressure tests models every day:

We can’t show you our secret sauce for exactly how we predict the future, but can walk you through it in a demo.

4. We are predicting what matters most for your business.

Ultimately, everyone at Sailthru understands that revenue is king. But there’s a difference between short-term revenue generation and long-term, sustainable revenue growth. That’s why Sightlines was designed to predict based on what creates the most value to your bottom line: increasing and optimizing customer lifetime value. We’re revolutionizing how brands can factor in predictions to ensure LTV growth by allowing them to increase response, conversion and purchase frequency.

By using this data, you can then trigger individualized communications, or suppress high-risk users, to make sure you are engaging with who’s ready to pull the metaphorical trigger and cooling communications cadence to those who simply don’t want to hear from you.

5. Sightlines flat-out works.

We love retention and loyalty. Not just because it’s core to our business model, but because it’s crucial for the success of any brand.  80% of your future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers, so retention is not just a nice to have marketing focal point, it’s critical. Sightlines was designed to identify that top percentage of customers and reinvent how you use automation and personalization to communicate with them. Take this graph into account: for a sample of Sailthru customers already using Sightlines the top 1% of customers can account for up to 80% of revenue.

This is where Sightlines comes in: the technology identifies and hones in on these extremely valuable customers. Then predicts what they will do next so your brand can proactively serve what best suits them at that moment in time. When tested against segments developed using RFM modeling and other “best list” approaches, Sightlines outperformed at every critical juncture.

The Results? We’ve already seen:

  • 195% increase in revenue for Sightlines users vs. non-Sightlines users

  • 41% increase in purchases/clicks

  • 69% improvement in opt-out rate

This is only the beginning of what Sightlines can do. Ready to get started, or have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Sales team at or your Customer Success Manager.

–Jason Grunberg, Director of Content & PR at Sailthru