Today I had the opportunity to speak to a client who we were setting up with a transactional email template. She had a web form on her site tied to a transactional email that was set to fire upon completion of the form. I helped her set up the template and check for spam compliance. She wanted to test it, so she completed the form while I waited on the phone. As soon as she clicked the submit button she was immediately in her email client.

“There’s no email”, she said. In preparation I had her send report open. “It should be there…now!” as the status changed to delivered on the report. “Ping” went her email client, the email arrived within seconds.

“Ooh, how’d you know when I was going to get it, that was quick” she said.

I showed the client the back end admin for our real time delivery reports and how she could tell what emails were delivered and when. Tomorrow when Google updates her Analytics data she’ll be able to tell what links were clicked on too!

We have real time delivery reports with built in Google Analytics. I’m sorry but when clients see it in action for the first time… well, that stuff just never gets old.