According to the Q2 2014 Email TrustIndex from Agari, many industries are under persistent email cyberattacks and have remained powerless to stop them, despite knowing full well the holes in their email security. Threats to the travel industry in particular rose by a whopping 800%. In a world where something as personal as email is constantly under threat of attack from cybercrimes and phishing risks, we look up to companies like Agari that are leading the way in creating a safer, more secure place for online interactions.

The security of an email end-user is a top priority and should not be undermined for the sake of data. But it’s not enough to just promise security; integrity must be built into the core of a company with an aim to perform in the customer’s best interests. Spearheading this, Agari has announced the launch of the Agari Trust Network. This new partner program brings together leading infrastructure and security solution providers worldwide to help global brands eliminate email cyberattacks, protect customers and their personal data and preserve brand reputation.

Sailthru has joined an esteemed group of email service providers as a charter member to provide unprecedented visibility, protection and deliverability for our customers. When our clients make the decision to partner with us, we take that as a mutual vow of trust. After all, we work with billions of customer data points and cross-channel interactions per client per day.

As our General Counsel, Caroline McCaffery put it, “When you’re managing the flow of large amounts of data that Marigold Engage by Sailthru, everyday, it’s critical to offer our clients the opportunity to opt in to additional security sources. As such, we’re constantly evaluating opportunities such as the Agari Trust Network to help us offer additional security. Safe and secure online interactions are a foundational element to our business.”

Our role in the Agari Trust Network is a testament to our commitment to this mutual trust. As a charter member, we will be able to provide customers with global visibility into their email flows; gain better email deliverability; and protect our customers’ brand and domain from use by criminals.

Ken Pfeiffer, Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s Global Director, Delivery boiled it down for us. “Regardless of the size of an organization’s email stream, we want to ensure that our clients have access to a set of industrial-strength tools designed around domain protection. We’re very happy to be working together with Agari, the leader in the domain protection space, to put trust back into the email landscape for users and organizations alike.”

Learn more about the Agari Trust Network here.