Three Simple SWYN Tips for Email Marketing

Share With Your Network (SWYN) is a great idea for email marketing and it’s not hard to implement — it really should be a no-brainer for email marketers. Even so, statistics indicate that SWYN is still not widely adopted and that’s puzzling. Here are three very simple tips to help you leverage SWYN: Place the […]

Email Driving Flash-Sale Sites

eMarketer has an interesting post up about flash-sales sites and the key role email plays in driving their success. According to this, email marketing takes the gold, driving 18% of traffic to these sites. Social media takes silver with 13% and search takes bronze with 11%. “Overall, 56% of businesses had higher click-to-open rates for […]

New my.sailthru Interface

In two weeks on October 3, 2011, Sailthru will be switching to the new interface for your account. We hope you’ve enjoyed the open preview for the last few weeks, via the link in your current administration area. Our sincerest thanks and deep appreciation go out to all the clients who sent us […]

Sailthru Announces $8 Million in Venture Funding

The entire crew here @ Sailthru is thrilled to announce some big news! We’ve officially closed our Series A funding. We’ve all been working extremely hard to provide our clients with the most powerful and advanced communication platform and we really appreciate so many innovative and successful companies partnering with us. Sailthru is revolutionizing the […]

According to, Sailthru is a Pearl

Mike Cirello of set out on a quest a while back to find an email service provider with the following criteria: Cost.  Oyster is a startup and doesn’t like to pay Big Company prices. Deliverability.  Spammers have made email deliverability a huge pain in the rear.  Getting your message into your customer’s inbox is […]

TechCrunch Interviews CEO, Jason Goldberg is beyond fabulous. The growth of this daily design flash deals site has been incredible. At only eleven weeks in, Fab can boast a substantial list and fan club with a growth rate of about 5k users per day. Fab’s success is no shock to us. Here at the Sailthru office, Fab emails are […]

Best Email Marketing Send Times: Horizon Send Time

As email marketers we try to optimize our campaigns to send at the time when people are most likely to open. But how can you target thousands of people at one send time? You can overcome this hurdle with Sailthru’s Horizon Send Time. With Horizon Send Time you are able to look at your subscriber’s […]

Connecting with QR Codes

The QR (Quick Response) code was initially developed for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing. QR codes can accommodate a much higher density of data than the standard UPC bar codes and thus, more potential functionality and flexibility.  With the right software, a smartphone can use it’s camera to read these codes and initiate an action. […]

Five Simple Things You Can Do to Help Email Deliverability

Deliverability is the holy grail of email marketing. You can have the best newsletter on the planet, but if you don’t get to the inbox, your content is completely wasted. Most ESPs have people dedicated to helping their clients get their email marketing messages delivered while Sailthru also employs technology which sends your email marketing […]

Five Bite Sized Bits of Email Marketing Wisdom from True Blood

True Blood is a hip HBO series about vampires in a small southern US town. With the development of a synthetic blood substitute, vampires are now able to integrate themselves into human society. It’s a favorite show with some of the team at Sailthru and we thought there might be some bright ideas to learn […]
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