Identifying your email opportunities

When was the last time you looked at your site and evaluated when and what you were sending? Do you send an authentication email AND a welcome email or are they one and the same? Do you send an email to a new user that hasn’t signed in again for a month? Does your reset […]

How to avoid phishing

If you are not technically savvy it’s hard to figure out if an email from paypal or chase is really from who it says it is. If in doubt just make sure that you type the address in yourself. You should be able to remember most of your banking urls, and just open your browser […]

Real time delivery reports

Today I had the opportunity to speak to a client who we were setting up with a transactional email template. She had a web form on her site tied to a transactional email that was set to fire upon completion of the form. I helped her set up the template and check for spam compliance. […]

‘Tis the season

Now that Black Friday has passed and Cyber Monday looms I wonder how many companies are sending out mass e-mail campaigns luring us all with tempting offers of great deals. The economy is hurting and so are retail companies with inventory to shift before the end of the year. I’ve received a number of well […]

Gmail Vs Hotmail spam filter

Poor Hotmail gets a lot of flack for poor SPAM filtering, while GMail gets all the compliments (although less so recently). Google must have some fancy algorithm for finding SPAM – or do they? Well, it’s actually the fact that GMail has a big edge, a huge edge even. Up until very recently GMail was […]

Missed opportunity – Reset that password

Last week I attended two conferences on email, all very exciting stuff! It still amazes me that everyone is still focused on marketing emails and not transactional email marketing. Seriously, come on people! How many of you spend more than two hours writing and designing your monthly newsletter? A newsletter that will get an open […]

Google analytics in email…

One of the more simple and unused features of google analtyics is the utm_source and utm_medium GET parameters. If you use Google analytics on your site then these are available to you know with NO changes of any code. Let’s say you send out an email to your friends about your new blog, if you […]

Getting your authentication and welcome emails in front of the user

It’s very important that your authentication and welcome emails get in the inbox and in front of the user. What are the stats you use to define the growth of your site? I’m sure that registered users is often one of those stats. What if your authentication email never made it to your brand new […]

API Library updates

To make intergrating us a simple as possible we’ve added libraries to work with our API. Current approved libraries include: PHP 5 Ruby We also have the following in beta release (send us an email to get a hold of them): Python Java We’d love a PERL version too so if you want free […]

GetConnect address book integration

Our GetConnect application allows integration with gmail, aol, yahoo, hotmail, linkedin etc through one unified API. Makes things nice and easy. You don’t even have to do any programming if you want to do elegant email invites. We think this is a pretty cool application, since we manage the ever changing intergration, while you only […]
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