Connecting with QR Codes

The QR (Quick Response) code was initially developed for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing. QR codes can accommodate a much higher density of data than the standard UPC bar codes and thus, more potential functionality and flexibility.  With the right software, a smartphone can use it’s camera to read these codes and initiate an action. […]

Five Simple Things You Can Do to Help Email Deliverability

Deliverability is the holy grail of email marketing. You can have the best newsletter on the planet, but if you don’t get to the inbox, your content is completely wasted. Most ESPs have people dedicated to helping their clients get their email marketing messages delivered while Sailthru also employs technology which sends your email marketing […]

Five Bite Sized Bits of Email Marketing Wisdom from True Blood

True Blood is a hip HBO series about vampires in a small southern US town. With the development of a synthetic blood substitute, vampires are now able to integrate themselves into human society. It’s a favorite show with some of the team at Sailthru and we thought there might be some bright ideas to learn […]

Email Marketing: Are You Listening to Me?

“Are you listening to me?” How many times have you heard that question? As a child, and as an adult, that’s a question we all ask or get asked on many occasions. What about as email marketers? Have you been listening, or talking? Email and all the other social media channels are interactive and designed […]

Five Things to do Before Responding to a Negative Tweet

OK, you’ve just noticed that someone has tweeted a negative or critical comment about your brand. What do you do? Here are five things you should do before responding to a negative tweet about your brand. 1 – Check the person’s profile and Twitter history Applications such as HootSuite and TweetDeck make this as simple […]

Email Marketing Tips from Five Classic Children’s Games

We all have our favorite games from our childhood. Being a twin, I enjoyed hide-and-seek because of the potential for mayhem it offered a set of identicals. While having fun, those games taught us many simple rules about interacting and working with others. I think even as adults, there is still some email marketing wisdom […]

The Ins and Outs of the Query Builder

We wrote to you about the Query Builder a while back, but we can’t seem to say enough about it. You can query variables you’ve set up on your end, or mine data that the Sailthru system keeps track of automatically. One of the queries people like to do most is geolocation. Not only can you look at […]

Five Multi-Channel Marketing Truths

Technology provides multiple channels to share information and content, but people create – and more importantly – consume that content. People and the communities they build, drive the web. Regardless of the channel, those who forget people are the heart of the matter, fail. Here are five multi-channel marketing truths that apply to all social […]

Five Simple Email Marketing & Social Media Integration Tips

Integrating your email marketing with social media doesn’t have to be rocket science. Sailthru provides an easy way for social integration. Here are five simple things you should be doing to integrate your email marketing and social media: 1 – Make your content something people will want to share. Give them ideas and inspiration that […]

Five Email Marketing Content Sources at Your Fingertips

Generating relevant and engaging content for your email marketing and online efforts in general, is an ongoing challenge for most. Here are five potential content marketing sources you have close at hand and some tips on how to approach them. Be very patient with people when you seek out content in your organization. Don’t expect […]
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