How to Generate Great First Impressions With Optimized Onboarding

First impressions are everything and every digital publisher should be making a great one. With carefully planned onboarding, the right welcome can engage readers and keep them coming back for more. Even for mobile app downloaders, a more engaged group by definition, onboard messaging is critical. Onboarding: What’s It All About? Onboarding originated as a […]

The Future of Retail, According to Rebecca Minkoff

It’s an all-too-common narrative: Malls are dead. Retail is dead. Long live ecommerce. But Rebecca Minkoff points out the inherent flaw in that logic, noting that it’s the malls that didn’t adapt are dying. We may do more things online, but we still live — and shop — in the physical world. According to U.S. […]

From Fourth of July through Mother’s Day: Year Round Holiday Marketing

For most marketers, the holiday season is firmly in the rearview mirror. Phew! The year-end goals, the crowds (both online and off), the site outages and the promotions – they’re all behind us for another year. But there’s another way to think about the holidays, one that marketers would do well to consider. The holidays […]

Our Top 3 Takeaways from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Report

Any marketing leader planning to re-evaluate their multichannel campaign technologies in the next year should be referring to Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs. Out of the thousands of technologies that enable data collection, management, and message delivery across email, web, mobile, display, and other channels, few are positioned in the Magic Quadrant. […]

5 Best Practices for Sports and Outdoor Brands From REI, Nike and Lululemon

To thrive in the age of Amazon, sporting goods and outdoor brands must recognize that they have an edge. But they must also recognize that they’ve been using the dull side of the knife. The U.S. outdoor and sporting goods market is a big one, worth $120 billion. Amazon accounts for less than 5% of […]

IKEA Is Betting on Physical Retail, Mobile AR and TaskRabbit — Here’s Why

As Good Service Is Good Business author Catherine DeVrye famously said, “The seven most expensive words in business are, ‘We have always done it that way.'” That’s particularly prescient for IKEA now that millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers in terms of spending power. Why? Millions of millennials live in cities and spend more money on Ubers than […]

Condé Nast Research Reveals 79% of Purchase Decisions are Made Before Ever Searching

We all know the modern customer journey is longer and more complicated than ever before. However, new research from Condé Nast shows that most customers make brand decisions well before they even realize they’re on a journey. Along with research firm Tapestry, Condé Nast recently surveyed 4,500 consumers to learn more about their paths to […]

3 Ways Personalization Can Save Brands From the Retail Graveyard

Big retail is still in big trouble. CB Insights’ recent retail report found 21 high-profile retail bankruptcies in 2017 including such well-known brands as Radio Shack, Gymboree, and Toys ‘R’ Us, with the pace of closings accelerating significantly. Meanwhile, a select group of online natives are growing, mostly at the expense of legacy brands. Chief […]

Using Sailthru’s Promo Codes to Personalize Your Discounts

Every retailer uses discounts for a very simple reason: They work. But discounting is much more complicated than putting promo codes out into the universe and suddenly acquiring new customers, everywhere from Facebook to the subway. Discounts are more than just an incentive. If you use them right, they can also help build loyalty. That’s […]

Why In-App Notifications Are the New Email

Most marketers know all about push notifications. They’re a bit more skeptical about in-app notifications. That’s a mistake. Why, exactly? Before we answer that question, let’s start with a primer for marketers who aren’t currently working a mobile messaging strategy. Push Notifications vs. In-App Messaging There are two forms of messages that best help brands […]
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