Sailthru joined the SMASH Summit in New York City that provided tips and tricks from industry leaders on ways to develop strategies on customer acquisition and retention of your brand.

One of the talks that resonated most with us was the “Inside YouTube: Case Studies in (Wildly Effective) Content” talk lead by Dror Shimshowitz, Head of Product-Creators Curators at YouTube.  Shimshowitz talked about the importance of sharing relevant content with viewers to keep engagement, and we couldn’t agree more!

Sailthru’s key takeaways:

  • Adding a video demo of your product or service is one of the most important pieces of your video strategy.
  • Through videos, viewers cannot only learn about your product but you have the capability to control the message and voice of your brand, that can often be lost through a press release or online article. Salesforce provides a consistent branding and voice throughout all of their YouTube videos.
  • Provide a backstory into your company’s lifestyle and philosophy to gain a better sense of community. Etsy’s channel achieves this well without involving their service but focusing on the culture surrounding their brand.
  • Grow your audience by incorporating customer playlists of related videos on your YouTube channel and encourage collaboration among other YouTube channels are great ways to further boost engagement not only with your brand but with the community as well.

Favorite Shimshowtiz quote
: “Nobody comes to YouTube to watch commercials”

By YouTube’s calculations, looks like Marigold Engage by Sailthru, on track for our own video content strategy. Some things you can expect us rolling out in the next couple months include:

  • About Sailthru videos where you get introduced to our team and involvement in the NYC tech scene.
  • Product Featurettes that showcase new features and how to utilize our product offerings.
  • Customer Testimonials that will measure ROI of marketing efforts using Sailthru and will educate viewers on our product.

As it becomes more important to stand out from the crowd in our internet marketing strategies, attending conferences such as the SMASH Summit provides us with valuable knowledge and reminds us how much we can learn from our peers in the industry.Thanks SMASH for a great event!