Not too surprisingly, Marigold Engage by Sailthru has been getting a lot of attention since we announced we had closed our A series funding, having raised $8 million. We really appreciate all the tweets, emails and calls offering congratulations! Just yesterday, posted a candid interview with our co-founder and CEO, Neil Capel.

Here’s a snippet:

“The fact is you’ve got to be relevant, and the more relevant you are the better you’re going to be at getting engagement from the customer and the better value you’re giving that customer. Because if you’re just sending them stuff they don’t want, then you’re just disrespecting your own brand and giving the customer another piece of email that they’ve got to delete.”
– Neil Capel

Neil does answer the question everyone has been asking: What are your going to do with that $8 million? But there’s a lot more to the interview than just that question. You’ll get some real insight into who we are, what we do and why we think marketers need a communications platform solution and not just an ESP.