In two weeks on October 3, 2011, Marigold Engage by Sailthru will be switching to the new interface for your account. We hope you’ve enjoyed the open preview for the last few weeks, via the link in your current administration area. Our sincerest thanks and deep appreciation go out to all the clients who sent us their feedback. Using your input, we’ve taken the system to an even higher level! While the functionality remains similar to the old interface, we have enhanced and revised the design and added new features for your convenience. You’ll also notice a few tools have found new homes in navigation menus grouped by functionality. We encourage you to take a few seconds below to familiarize yourself with the new layout and where some of those familiar functions have moved. Navigation: You can still select the appropriate tab along the top of the page. However you will notice that these tabs will turn into dropdown menus. The dropdown menu will reflect your most recently used category to allow you to easily navigate to the pages you use the most.

Tabs: In addition to the drop down menu you will notice that the Query Builder now has it’s own tab. New additions to the main navigation include an API test page where you can test any existing or new API calls and the Content Tab. The Content tab contains any includes you may have, your data feeds and your spidered content if you are using Horizon or Concierge. You’ll also notice a new kid on the block: hosted pages. Marigold Engage by Sailthru can now host  your opt-in and subscription management pages; instructions on how to build those pages can be found in our docs

Visual Editor:

We realize our clients have users of various technical backgrounds, so we’ve upgraded our Visual Editor from the previous interface to give you a more robust and user-friendly way to create or edit a template or campaign:

Using the visual editor is a great way to edit your templates and campaigns because it allows you to easily import, edit, add, and remove elements in your HTML. Keep in mind that if you are editing an existing template that has custom formatting, this editor could change or alter your HTML code. Help Center: Our “Docs” navigation button has moved to the top right of the window, marked now as “Help Center.” In an effort to give you more in-line help, we have added tool tips throughout the entire system (see below for an example.) Hovering over the icon will give you more information about a given term or function.

We think you’ll like the drag and drop widget dashboard too. It allows you to select the reporting that is most useful to your needs to appear on your homepage. You can try out the new interface right now by clicking the link at the top of your dashboard.