You’ve always been able to use Personalized Send Time to send campaigns over a specified time, but now this functionality has been brought to Recurring Campaigns. It’s easy. Simply designate the time you’d like your campaign to be sent over in the Recurring Campaign setup and you’re done!

How does it work? Personalized Send Time looks at each user’s previous open history and allows you to automatically send to your users at the specific selected time of day over a designated duration. For example, say you have some users that open your 9 am. campaign or daily deal/newsletter at 9 am, but others that don’t open it until 12 pm; If you set a Personalized Send Time of 6 hours, your email campaign will be sent only when each user is most likely to open. Vanessa most frequently checks her email at 9:15 am so she’ll receive the 9:00 am send, while Kelly doesn’t open in 4:30 pm so she’ll receive the 4:00 pm send. It’s about giving users what they want, at the time they want it.


Now with Personalized Send Time for Recurring Campaigns, you can make communications between you and your customers even more seamless, all automatically.