Campaign Report Page Improvements

The folks in Sailthru Labs have made some important revisions to the campaigns reports page on! Apparently, space was becoming a premium on the page and the first three columns were crowding out data for some clients.I asked our product manager, David Studinski about the update and got the details on what these optimizations are. Here’s what they did:


The date had occupied its own column, but now we’ve eliminated what amounted to a redundant column and consolidated the date into a row.


We kept looking for more ways to optimize the layout…


We saved some more space by moving the LIST Name of the blast into the same cell as the blast name and blast subject line.


We also decided to use smaller typefaces across the table for a cleaner, crisper look and to allow us to display more data. 

While we were tinkering around, we thought we might also do some tweaking too. So, we decided it was a good time to change blast detail icon (including the Sailthru exclusive click-map) from a magnifying class to a chart to maintain consistency with the rest of the interface. So there you have it. Better email marketing through technology! Thanks to David as always for taking the time to help keep everyone in the loop! If you have any questions please contact us here or on Twitter, @Sailthru.

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